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Original Christianity

Apparently, there are more than 54 thousand religions in our world claiming to be Christian. Yet Jesus founded only ONE church: “one body, and one holy spirit, even as we are called in one hope of our calling; one Lord Jesus, one faith, one baptism, and one God and Father of all who is above all, through us all, and in us all.”(Ephesians 4:4-6) Something MUST be wrong. Rather than unity, there is worldwide disunity among those religions claiming to be Christ’s. Explore what the ORIGINAL Christians believed and their way of life, and find out how their beliefs differed from traditional Christianity. Read more…

Opening Revelation

The last book of the Bible is so important that his has permeated the English language: Who hasn’t heard of “the mark of the beast”, “666”, or “the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”? Full of imagery, the book remained a doubtful part of the Bible. Martin Luther proclaimed it “neither apostolic nor prophetic” and was skeptical of its inspiration. Yet it was always a part of the New Testament canon. Although thousands of books, booklets, documentaries, and films have been made about it, no one has ever explained all of its contents, the meaning of its imagery, or its overall structure. Discover how relevant this apocalyptic book to our times today and what it really means. Read on…

The Rise of a Eurasian Superpower

The framework for end-time prophecy began with the prophet, Daniel, and ends with the book of Revelation. What did Daniel foresee for the end times preceding Jesus Christ’s return to earth? What was the gathering storm he saw and where did it arise from? Who were the nations and leaders involved in uniting to oppose Jesus’ return to earth? Both Old and New Testaments provide an unmistakable pattern that clearly identifies the nations and peoples involved and the end-time conflict between the kings of the north and the south. Find out who these nations are and how they are a presently active already on the global stage. Read more…

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